Saturday, January 25, 2014

Empirical Article

Women Combining Paid Work and Homemaking: The Second Shift I.Introduction- This field of battle is on the topic of gender roles. 150 Women from the Fatima Jinnah Women University and Women Campus of International Islamic University capital of Pakistan were chosen and interviewed about how women and men, who both work regular theorises, console have the stereotypical roles of what a man should do and what a muliebrity should do. II.Purpose of Research- The purpose of this study is to excrete much than(prenominal) information on the topic from a Pakistani cleaning womans point of view for others who plan on prominent the topic of gender roles a deeper thought threw their own research. III.Theories- The theory in this article is that women who work full while jobs flush so take on a second job when they fix home. Taking c ar of the children, cooking, and cleaning front to be the womans duties and not the mans job. The study thinks that boilersuit women do more work than men every year. IV.Research Method- a.The subjects ar Pakistani women. 150 of them participated and they were selected through a random have technique (Hazir Ullah and Afshan Khan 2011) b.They conducted this research through interviews. 150, full time working(a) women, were chosen from two different universities, Fatima Jinnah Women University and Women Campus of International Islamic University Islamabad. 75 women from each university were used in the study. Each woman was asked 4 questions: 1. Is domestic chores natural role of women? 2. Do their husbands participate in household chores? 3. Why women take the strain of managing both being and private domain? c.The research was done through interviews at the womans convenience. Research was done with informed consent. d.The women are the dependent variables in this study and they were used to answer the questions and score their opinion on gender roles. The independent variable in the study was time. With ti me they are trying to see if, as the years g! o by, does the stereotype of gender roles...If you want to veer a full essay, order it on our website:

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