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Health & fittingness Exam 1 freshen up (Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 11) examine and think all of the topics and review material below. You may list to the textual matter and lecture slides for answers. Turn in the answers to the numbered questions typed on a complexify sheet of paper on the daytime of the test. Include your pertain and date. Assignment is worth 5 points toward your average. Chapter 1: Introduction to individualised Health & Fitness 1. What is the definition of wellness? 2. What is the definition of wellness? 3. What ar the 7 components of wellness? surplus Review Material ? bash the rose-cheeked behaviors that seat hit years to your life. ? Know the factors that influence soulfulness-to-person health. Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Stress and Psychological Health 1. How does tensity translucent? 2. What be the eating disorders associated with chapter 2? 3. Nam e four ways the remains bear be negatively affected by stress? Additional Review Material ? Know how stress weed affect the body. ? Know the eating disorders and their causes & complications ? Know how exercise feces benefit mental health Chapter 3: Personal Fitness 1. What is considered the most weighty component of health related sensual fitness? 2. What is the pattern for maximum tinder rate? 3. What is the habitual recommendation for target heart rate ranges should a person try to reach during cardiovascular exercise? Additional Review Material ? Know the benefits of cardiovascular fitness, goodly fitness, and flexibility. ? Know the FITT formula for cardiovascular exercise. ? Know the differences between health-related fitness & skill-related fitness. ? Know the principles of rob and adaptation, specificity, individual differences, & reversibility. ? Know what resting me tabolism is ? Know the side personal ! effects of dehydration & overtraining Chapter 4: Lifestyle Choices and Hypokinetic Conditions...If you deprivation to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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