Saturday, February 2, 2019

Getting Enough Sleep Essay -- Research Sleeping Health Essays

Getting Enough Sleep Did you know that forty winks is one of the most vital necessities of life? Laboratory animals die when they be deprived of relaxation, and likewise, humans would too (Johnson 5). Many deal dont realize how important sleep is. The man who attempts to do 15 hours of work, in entirely 7 hours is unaccompanied hurting himself. This man who stays up late trying to finish his work, believes that he is working hard, and thitherfore depart be able to sleep hard for a little while. This is decidedly not the case as he will feel less(prenominal)(prenominal) and less refreshed each morning and will feel to a greater extent and more tired each day. What the public needs, is to be informed astir(predicate) good sleeping habits and sleeping disorders that go unnoticed. We should wake up to the splendour of sleep and how the amount sleep not only affects themselves, but in any case society. In 1959, The American Cancer society surveyed more than 1 jillion Americans about their sleeping habits. Conclusions drawn from the study showed that people who got less than 7-8 hours of sleep on average per night, had a higher mortality rate. A sixer year follow-up was done to the people surveyed. The results showed that men 30 years old or older that got 4 hours of sleep a night had more than double the risk of dying than men who averaged 7-8 hours. The risk was only about 1.5 times higher for women. Similar results were found in a different study of 4,713 people. Those getting 6 hours of sleep or less had a 30% higher death rate (Pressman 29). Although we can imagine what happens when people dont get enough sleep, scientists are subdued unable to explain the function of sleep.The amount of sleep not only affects your mortality but also your personality. Some people are by nature long sleepers, and some a... ...nts with insomnia can benefit from restructuring their bedtime habits and sleep-wake cycles. With 7-8 hours of sleep per night, there will be many less problems with sleep disorders, accidents in cars and planes, and otherwise health concerns. Shakespeare once commented on sleep as, the great restorer. We need to empathise the function and importance of sleep and relate this to improving our health and our bodies. In order for our country to continue to be a world leader, the people of the United States should not have to deal with fatigue and should have an optimal level of alertness and performance.Works CitedJohnson, Laverne, and Paul Naitoh. The Operational Consequences of Sleep red and Sleep Deficit. San Diego AGARD, 1974.Pressman, Mark R., and William C. Orr. Understanding Sleep. Washington, D.C. American Psychological Association, 1997.

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