Friday, February 1, 2019

The Role of Women in Literature Essay -- Thousand and One Nights, The

The Role of Women in The gram and One Nights, The Ramayana of Valmiki and The Medea Throughout most of the assigned readings in this class, women ar portrayed as clever, ruthless, and fraudulent individuals that argon willing to do some(prenominal) it takes in order to get what they desire. With careful calculation and timing they are able to manipulate others into doing things their way and keep back favor in their eyes. sometimes they use their craftiness for unattackable and other times for evil, whatever agent they have for such action usually impacting the story and its characters immensely. In The Thousand and One Nights tale, the deceitfulness of women impacts the story from the beginning to the end. Every good and with child(p) thing that occurred in the tale did because of the act of women. It was the deceitfulness of women that caused King Shahrayar to mislay all his trust for women, and vowed to have nothing to do with them for more than a night. However, it was that same deceitfulness that changed his viewed of women and has him see that all hope is not lost(p) there are some that are still loyal and honest. This mention is an important piece in the story because it changed the way King Shahrayar and his associate viewed women. It was the moment that they both realize that all women are disloyal, crafty, and deceitful and thereof heap never be trusted. In addition, it also exemplifies the treacheries and craftiness of women and how they can greatly influence others, especially men. After King Shahrayar discovered that his married woman and his concubines have been deceiving him, by having him think that they are honest and loyal to him, he loses all his trust and respect for women. He was so heartbroken and confused he could not understand how such ... ...t the same time it is modal(a) to say that there are few that try to be deceitful in a good way, meaning their intension are good and will use it for a good cause. For example, Sh ahrazad, deceive the king by telling him a new tale just before pass over each day because she was trying to save her life and that of many more women that would have been killed had she not been successful. Her cunningness was for a good deed, a deed that not only changed the king himself but his brother as well. He, Shahzaman, hearing most the good act that had happen to his brother, king Shahrayar, decided to stop his consecrate too and try to have a relationship again, in hopes that it would be different. One could say that it is sometimes a good thing that women have the ability to deceive others, especially in times of trouble and at other time they are better off without their deceitfulness.

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