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In this report we will look at how the LaingOrourke Safety Management dust (SMS) meets the criteria of OHSAS 18001 and how the LaingOrourke SMS policy can also be mapped across it.In the chromosome mapping document (see below in file two) I have hardened out in the first towboat the 18001 clauses in the second column I have laid out what the clause is. In the triad column I have laid out the section of the SMS that matches the criteria of 18001, the after part column identifies what is in that section of the SMS to correspond to it. The fifth column shows how the LaingOrourke health and Safety Policy comply with the relevant sections of 18001.Throughout the mapping I have identified in Bold where the LaingOrourke SMS and their policy comply with OHSAS 18001, I have also added in where secondary references meet the requirements also, (not in bold)It is really important that companies have suitable and sufficient SMS that details their commitment to the health and Safety of t heir employees, companies have a moral, humane and legal duty to do it, the reasons for monitoring and reviewing is because there is a legal requirement to do so under the Management of wellness and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. simplification the human and financial costs of accidents and the loss of public image of the organization. IPrior to OHSAS 18001, HS (G) 65 was used to ascertain if British businesses SMS were suitable and sufficient, this gave the safety device professional a sort of systematic and methodical approach to reckon how a business that he was advising or auditing were managing the business of health and Safety. HSG 65 is readily recognizable as the "Five Steps to Successful Health and Safety Management HS (G) 65" published by the Health and Safety Executive.1.      secure your policy.2.     Organize the staff.3.     Plan and set standards.4.     Measure the performance. 5.     Audit and review - choose from experience.But within British businesses there was no way to set about confidence in their systems like the confidence that they felt they had in ISO 9001 prime(prenominal) and ISO 14001 Environmental auditing.On both these ISOs there were the benefits of being audited by an independent third party and certification to prove that the organization was group meeting the standards, as a response to this Occupational Health and Safety discernment Series 18001 (OHSAS 18001) was published as a BSI specification in 1999. The salutary title of the document was Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems - Specification.

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