Sunday, February 10, 2019

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Shakespeares King LearWilliam Shakespeares King Lear had downfalls in character which later on caused him to suffer extreme consequences. if anyone knows the true essence of suffering it is King Lear.King Lears downfalls are his pride, selfishness, and dipness to truth.Pride as one of Lears first downfalls, in the beginning Lear disowns his lovely daughterCordelia, because Lear is to blind to realize that cordelia loves her father for who he isand NOT what he has in his possession. Lear sees his daughters for what they keep back as far as quantity not quality. This is his downfall of selfishness. Lear offers his two greedy and selfish daughters, Coneril, and Regan his entire kingdom, simply because he is so blame conceded and thinks he is so great that he can not by chance see anyonenot loving him, and what he owns as far as land and power. His greedy daughtersrealize this and then decide to kiss a little of their fathers butt. Cordelia, and Regan go and kiss their fathers but t hoping to get all his power, and his kingdom. On the other hand, his one daughter who loves him for what he is, not what heis or has, realizes that she must play on her fathers side just to receive a little respectfrom the king. Lear, by toying with loved ones emotions endues consequences uponhimself. Even at his age ,he was still perfectly capable of living up to his duties...

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