Sunday, April 7, 2019

Computer education Essay Example for Free

Computer education stressComputer education is two sides of a coin, there are several advantages and disadvantages which are listed belowAdvantages1. nurture is available at the click of a button, the internet is real useful and gives a huge concur to the teacher to enhance her curriculum 2. The students themselves provoke learn a lot about the topics taught in household through the internet 3. Children find the lessons interesting since teachers have access to a vast pool of information. 4. Children merchant ship submit homework etc via computer, thus saving of time 5. Saves a lot of stati unitaryry, paper wastage is minimal since students can submit their projects via computer. 6. Also, today everywhere a computer is used children become computer savvy and split prepared to face the world.Disadvantages1. Computer tends to make the children lazy, reason being that a computer is a one stop shop. Everything is available at a click of a button, they do not have to strive to collect information. 2. Children lose their index finger the think since just by putting in one intelligence activity on the search engine a whole treasure of information opens up, everything is available without trying very hard, children lose their imagination power and ingenuity. 3. Children do not have to learn spellings, calculation, tables they become totally hooked on computers and their skills for memorising, application, quick thinking are not developed.4. A computer is a very coldness way of teaching, earlier detain examples and objects were used which were far more exciting, we could touch, smell objects like earlier if a teacher wanted to teach about an orange a live orange was brought and shown, today everything is shown via power point presentations on screen which does not have the same effect on children, since a live thing is so much more exciting. 5. Children lose touch with the real world and live in a virtual world which is not good. 6. Children become lo ners, lose friends, since all the time they are stuck to the computers 7. They do not sleep on time since chatting, emailing,

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