Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Classical music Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Classical music - Essay Example Indeed classical and romantic composers developed a genre of music that many folks instantly loved and related to. However, contemporary classical works such as those of Boulez and Stockhausen are not as popular in present times as Mozart and Beethoven were in theirs. Even in movies, television series and so on, very little classical music is promoted in the form of themes, soundtracks, and content, as other forms of music take center-stage. Another reason why this decline has been inevitable is the rise of new music genres such as hip hop, rock, and RnBs, that have so effectively won over hearts. Stereotypically hence, and with research evidence pointing to the same too, most blacks are now into rap music as whites are with rock, with most females taking into Rhymes and Blues. These claim a huge chunk of the fan base that was once a domain of classical music. Many of our children are now growing into the world where rock and hip hop are the way to go. And with the financial and repu tation glamour these new genres offer, many young aspiring talents opt for these forms over classical music. There are also the rivalries predominant in such other forms as hip hop and rock that serve to excite fans and at the same time better artists’ performance and wittiness. These other genres are getting better and their artists seriously getting down to business, always striving to best one another – a trait sadly missing in contemporary classical music (Horowitz, 413).

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