Thursday, November 21, 2019

PICO Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

PICO - Assignment Example To ensure patient satisfaction one of the emerging areas is practice of Evidence Based Nursing. This approach helps in framing of quality decisions and provides nursing care which is determined by personal clinical experience in combination with researched knowledge acquisition on the particular aspect of care giving. The objective of Evidence Based Nursing is to provide improvement in patient health and safety ensuring patient satisfaction. The process involves collection, analysis, and appraisal and action plan as per evidence based guidelines (Melnyk, 2011). Various forms of data collection both qualitative and quantitative are in practice to understand and formulate an action plan for a specific nursing oriented approach that helps to address the clinical problem directly or indirectly. The PICOT format has gained wide recognition in this evaluation process and is routinely implemented in clinical settings. The â€Å"PICOT† abbreviation is based on Patient Population (P), Issue or Intervention associated (I), Comparison group(C), Outcome (O) and the Timeframe associated (T) (Melnyk, 2011). Evaluating questions in this format helps to unfold treatment or care issues much faster to arrive at a particular solution. Further such approach is evidenced based and helps to identify the focused need of the patient, that can be addressed through supportive healthcare. For searching the relevant evidence, the key words of PICOT question are used to find the relevant studies from Journals, web documentations, clinical guidelines and expert experiences including self experiences. The evidence that is valued the most are the case controlled randomized studies and the meta-analysis. An extensive literature search coupled with personal experiences helps to identify the localized issues which help to formulate tailor-made solutions at the local level (Melnyk, 2011). One of the issues that I have identified during my practicum experience is the process of

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